Sunday, 19 December 2010

speed of sound

a pizza house near ga galary
 yesterday,i went to ginza with my friend,to the most  expensive place on earth,not for shopping,but for seeking for someone,a familiar stranger,whom i've met in tokyo university at engineering building 11 on a supernatural wednesday with green ginkgo.

and...the green has turned into yellow,but now almost fast.

just like movie scene,i didn't see her;but i didn't worry about that,just like song lyric,coz i've got a new plan.

 actually,before we went there,we've done sth else as i didn't want to be loser for the day...

so,from the first two pics u can see what else we've got yesterday,which are some interesting japanese architectural elements...besides,i bought my first book in japan that is written by max,yesterday was not so bad...

all i want to say is time has gone so fast.i've already been here for more than 2 months. 
some starchitects
 in japan on ga's show window
i feel that it seems like yesterday professor and i were moving the folded white table to our empty studio via the revolve staircase.

yeah,so fast,3 days later,i can eat chinese food again ( : as i will be home...i dreamed it for so many times...also,i will record and mix  some new songs with my friends for my new daily life in tokyo at no.66 west dazhi street harbin,china.

after a&f
i still haven't found
what i'm looking for

view(pic form my portfolio)from no.66
west dazhi street harbin,china
the red arrow
indicates my bachelor university hit
where all the automaticdesign songs
were recorded and mixed

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