Wednesday, 30 November 2011

"the eyes of the air"(demo 1) - a new song i m writing

in the morning,i woke up at 3 a.m,couldnt fall asleep again...i was thinking why not write a new song?
for another "automaticdesign" band rock live.

then here it is,called "the eyes of the air"...

here is its lyric:

i feel something in the air,
but i can never touch it;

i heard noises next door,
everything is burning there;

but i never lose my faith,
coz you r always there;

dont worry about the fire,
you r gonna be okay;

when i was looking in your eyes,
i felt so much fears;

i dont think u r right,
coz u r always wrong;

escaping,escaping,from the dirty forest,
escaping,escaping,from the dirty forest;

oh lies,oh lies can never stop,
oh lies,oh lies are gonna be the king.

i can never stop it,
i ve seen the eyes of the air.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

conclusion of my seminar's reading this week about lynn's multiplicitous and inorganic body

after reading what he(greg lynn) talked about in article that was almost 20years ago"multiplicitous and inorganic body":::::" ancient greece's symmetry temple of vitruvius's description in On Symmetry;Wittkower's harmonic proportion and again Rowe's 9 square grid; the arguments of Rigid Sense of Geometry of Architecture and relationship of Body(organism)&geometry(Rigid or Not);Thompson's external forces experiment on transformation of nature forms;Deleuze&Guattari's "BwO" and "fold";and emerged Colossus thing from affiliative connections of actual elements: "Statue of Liberty"...and of course many others...

i ve got his idea,which he wanted to say that architecture needs a "suppler body" due to present static alliance between rigid geometry and whole organisms cannot be entirely overcome,in order to achieve a kind of architectural multiplicity.

my notes on this multicolored...

Saturday, 26 November 2011

another confirmed "automaticdesign" band song for next "automaticdesign" band's rock live

this is a song called "S.Y.I.A.W.T.S.M" from "automaticdesign" band,which i composed at the year of 2008;and its 1st version was mixed originally @ 3rd floor's archi-studio of harbin institute of technology by me &main guitar player sun in 2008's april;but here is a REMIX edition for next "automaticdesign" rock live,specially.

it is a song about "politics" and "love".

Saturday, 19 November 2011


another "automaticdesign" demo from an old song i wrote 4 years ago,a song about the hope;the fear and the everything;but this time it's an acoustic version with lyric in chinese.

the main guitar player of "automaticdesign" band told me that he cried after listening to this song.

it's true,we all missed the time we played rock n roll together in last 5 years.

we r gonna play again next month.

0701(acoustic) lyric in chinese:












爱!!! 全世界!!!


爱!!! 全世界!!!

我们为了理想!!! 我们为了理想!!! 我们为了理想!!!

爱!!! 全世界!!!

我们为了理想!!! 我们为了理想!!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

pink again!

for the reason of making 1st year project book,i need to buy some materials during the 1st workshop i experimented;and the first thing i want to buy is the steel wires;but when i went to convenience store,only one i found there is pink.actually not that pink totally but something pink on it!

and i was wondering how to use those pink thing as part of the material experiment within its context.

documentation in progress+another new "automaticdesign" song demo:"MISS.DADADA"

the demo is from main guitar player - sun zexin of my "automaticdesign" band,called "MISS.DADADA"

we r gonna give another "automaticdesign" rock live to our fans next month.

so we r keeping writing new songs right now...almost one day one song...

from me,i ve got 5 or 6 maybe,new songs...and this is his first with mixed quality from his computer...

anyway,we need to find time to complete all these demos for the performative quality...

now working on my documentation of 1st year project,oh,100 pages left!!!but i ve got my frame however!!!

my documentation in progress 

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Saturday, 12 November 2011

new "empty street" song demo - with rough structure/lyric-like content

my friends told me that my new song is really good and looking forward to listen to a more convinced version;they told me it's too abstract.
but the question is i dont have professional sound card/software at tokyo right now which allows me to edit music/insert midi into it/mix probably our fans can only get the mixed version after christmas holidays...and it's sun zexin,my best friend's job ( :

furthermore i have to say that it is the way i write songs,especially at very beginning phase of writing a song;it should be abstract and dynamic.

however,here i update it to a kind of song-like or relatively integrate version which normally people can feel it a bit more maybe.but it is too long this time maybe!!!more than 6mins!!!why is that!!!

anyway,the new single' s cover is the same as last one.i really love it.

Friday, 11 November 2011

"empty street(demo)"

since another "automaticdesign" rock show is going to happen one month later somewhere on earth,i start to writing new songs recent days & nights,a lot of inspirations.

here the one is the 4th,a demo;a random; a song about the blue,the good,the bad,the air,the light and the queen;it's called "empty street".

right now,it's kind of "rhythm-finding" phase of the song.
and later i m going to update it to a multiple-sound-track and mixed version in computational space.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

abstract machine-diagram GtH

i really dont like the feeling of working till next day's morning.

have to meet professor for seminar....................presentation..............................and he is late.........................

however,moby's music saved's frozen my time last night.

just repeating it:::::::"the day"

"I will be right here
'til all the pain
Just disappear
I will always stay
'til all this light
Just kills the day"


diagram go to hell @ 4:00 am