Monday, 10 January 2011

how long we can rock n roll

my friends gave me a big surprise when i was in china last week during univ.of tokyo' s holiday,which was a rock show for my return,at 326,school of architecture,hit.i dont want to say that they made me cry but i was really 2006,we formed the automaticdesign band,just for fun,for expressing our daily life,for the girl,for love and peace...continued till now,recorded about 20 songs,wrote more than 40...even though we have to study or work in other realms in the future,the spirit of our band will be always kept in heart in each of us.every time i saw our live videos or listened to our songs,i d like to cry,but you can only see me smile...
automaticdesign's rehearse @ 326 school of architecture,hit,1 hour
 before the rock show
that is specially for my return(stt:sparks) live link) 

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