Saturday, 12 November 2011

new "empty street" song demo - with rough structure/lyric-like content

my friends told me that my new song is really good and looking forward to listen to a more convinced version;they told me it's too abstract.
but the question is i dont have professional sound card/software at tokyo right now which allows me to edit music/insert midi into it/mix probably our fans can only get the mixed version after christmas holidays...and it's sun zexin,my best friend's job ( :

furthermore i have to say that it is the way i write songs,especially at very beginning phase of writing a song;it should be abstract and dynamic.

however,here i update it to a kind of song-like or relatively integrate version which normally people can feel it a bit more maybe.but it is too long this time maybe!!!more than 6mins!!!why is that!!!

anyway,the new single' s cover is the same as last one.i really love it.

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