Sunday, 27 November 2011

conclusion of my seminar's reading this week about lynn's multiplicitous and inorganic body

after reading what he(greg lynn) talked about in article that was almost 20years ago"multiplicitous and inorganic body":::::" ancient greece's symmetry temple of vitruvius's description in On Symmetry;Wittkower's harmonic proportion and again Rowe's 9 square grid; the arguments of Rigid Sense of Geometry of Architecture and relationship of Body(organism)&geometry(Rigid or Not);Thompson's external forces experiment on transformation of nature forms;Deleuze&Guattari's "BwO" and "fold";and emerged Colossus thing from affiliative connections of actual elements: "Statue of Liberty"...and of course many others...

i ve got his idea,which he wanted to say that architecture needs a "suppler body" due to present static alliance between rigid geometry and whole organisms cannot be entirely overcome,in order to achieve a kind of architectural multiplicity.

my notes on this multicolored...

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