Wednesday, 30 November 2011

"the eyes of the air"(demo 1) - a new song i m writing

in the morning,i woke up at 3 a.m,couldnt fall asleep again...i was thinking why not write a new song?
for another "automaticdesign" band rock live.

then here it is,called "the eyes of the air"...

here is its lyric:

i feel something in the air,
but i can never touch it;

i heard noises next door,
everything is burning there;

but i never lose my faith,
coz you r always there;

dont worry about the fire,
you r gonna be okay;

when i was looking in your eyes,
i felt so much fears;

i dont think u r right,
coz u r always wrong;

escaping,escaping,from the dirty forest,
escaping,escaping,from the dirty forest;

oh lies,oh lies can never stop,
oh lies,oh lies are gonna be the king.

i can never stop it,
i ve seen the eyes of the air.

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